Affordable Cool Custom Signage That Can Truly Withstand The Harsh Elements Of The Coast

Our Signs are
Fired into Glass and Mounted on Cement Board, then embedded in cement, this is a lifetime product.
We begin with your ideas and work with you until you say “It’s Perfect”.

We only require a $75.00 Deposit to begin your concept.
The deposit will be applied to the price of your sign.
CLICK HERE for Common Sign Sizes and Prices.
Use Our IDEA PAGE Tools to add text, and foreground images. Note that the artwork you create is only used to assist us with your final concept design.

don't see a background that you like?
we love creating custom artwork!

we can combine elements from our backgrounds or start from scratch. Just send us your ideas for a fresh design concept that reflects your personality !

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All our products are scratch resistant and guaranteed to never fade. Even in direct sunlight.

Glass Tattoo signs and addresses are created by printing images with Glass Fit (fine particles of colored glass) in stead of ink. Similar to a Church Window, our images are kiln fired and become a part of the Glass itself. Our glass Signs and Addresses not only reflect light but the custom designs reflect your
personality as well!

Don't have a name for your Beach Home or Cabin Retreat?

Here are a few ideas