With the adoption of new technology we have created a complete line of CUSTOM SIGN AND ADDRESS products which WILL NOT FADE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Glass Tattoo's Signs and Addresses are created by printing Images with Glass Frit (fine particles of colored glass) instead of Ink.  Fired in a Kiln to over 1300° the glass and image melts together to create a piece of art that will last a lifetime.  Once "fired" the glass is mounted on Hardie Board® and embedded in cement to create a lifetime product.  Shipped with Stainless Steel Screw and washers, we Guarantee our products for a lifetime!





GLASS TATTOO ADDRESSES are created with your artwork or ours, then we add border colors to match the image or blend with the color of your house. Fired into glass, the image and 5" number tiles are embedded in cement and mounted on Hardie Board. We create custom address that reflect your personality as well as any light that shines on it. All of our addresses can be installed horizontally or Vertically such as on the Piling of a Beach Home. Want something custom? Just send us an image or idea. We love creating something special for our customers. Large 5" numbers stand out and reflect light so you can be found. First Responders love our product because when seconds count, this address could very well save a life.
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Perfect for coastal communities or for any sign or address exposed to harsh environmental elements.

Custom Glass Tattoo Signs

  Hucks-Fin-1-without-background Using our "Never Fade" image technology and your ideas and/or artwork we create Beautiful Signs of all sizes. Working with you we provide Concept Designs of your ideas along with a little creativity  from our Art Department until you say "It's Perfect!". Size and pricing is based on the Number of Modular Pieces of Glass, each measuring 6 3/4"  X 10".  Numerous combinations of modules create signs in different shapes and practically unlimited sizes. Add Border colors of your choice and the sign will reflect your personality as well as any light that hits it. Photo's just don't do these signs justice; You really must see how they reflect the light to appreciate how special our Glass Tattoo's ™ are!

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Thirty Years of Glass Art Excellence !

blg-religious_002Stained Glass Window with cranberry and cobalt blue and amber colored jewels offers privacy and plenty of sunlight bolivar pennisnula gator construction palm treesblg-religious_058spankys resterant orange texas leaded glass windowblg-entry-doors_034blg-cabinet-doors_008   Technology has taken Us in a new direction but we are very proud of the Beautiful Religious Stained Glass Windows, Leaded Glass Entry Doors, Mosaic and other Glass Art that we've created over the last 30 years! An ancient but dying art, Stained Glass is the inspiration behind  our designs. Facial features and other fine details have been hand painted and Kiln Fired into Religious Stained Glass Windows for centuries. These paints have always been made up of ceramic pigments which are the same ingredients used along with today's technology to improve and simplify the process. We hope you will visit our Original Company - Beaumont Leaded Glass at www.Beaumontleadedglass.com. At our original site we showcase over 30 years of Glass Art Design and Fabrication.

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