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Paradox Found

This was a custom order from one of our favorite customers. They purchased an address many years ago and later purchased our first Shower Splash. For this repeat customer we used 6" x 6" glass squares to create this 42" diameter finished sign. Paradox meaning: "Contradictory Features" using the Sun & Moon along with the Octopus & Pelican we created for new foreground images along with a new background image we added to our Library of backgrounds. Font is "Henry Penny, border tile is Opening Night Orange. Picture below is of our delivery. It was nice to see their 5 year old Glass Tattoo Address still looked like new!

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Seas the Day

Custom sign created with 6.75" square sections with a finished size of 32.75" x 46.5". Image was uploaded by customer and is of the original image prior to installing outdoors. Font is Princess Sofia, Border Tiles are Bermuda Blue. This sign was originally hand painted by their niece but due to weathering, after 3 years it needed a inside home. Below image is of the weathered original Sign  (click to Enlarge). 

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I Sea The Water

We love signs that tell a story and this one is heartfelt. Our customer explained that the name of their Beach House was "I Sea The Water". As the story goes, when their boys were little they would play a game while approaching the Beach, the first one to spot the ocean would exclaim "I sea the Water". If you know a little about Bolivar Beach in Texas, as you approach it, the highest point is on top of the bridge crossing the intercoastal waterway. We used our background library image " Amazing Sunset" and added a bridge along with the Name. Font is "Henny Penny. Sign is Outlined with "Opening Night Orange" border tiles. The (now all grown up) boys presented this to their parents as a present. Click image to enlarge.

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This couple named their beach home after the one tree on their property, Nuestro Arbol, meaning our tree. (Heart in sand with their names). Their sweet friend gifted them this sign for Christmas and sent me their reaction.

"Oh my goodness - it was wonderful! Kristen cried and Brad just kept saying - WOW.
When I explained that the tree was an actual picture of their tree, they were very moved. I cannot thank you enough for your help, patience, artistic talent, etc. It was the best gift ever". 

Border Color is "Tidepool" & "Aruba". Sign Dimensions are 15.75" x 32.75".  Additional Sizes are available. 

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Special Orders  -
No Problem

This Customer sent us their image to produce an outdoor "Back Splash" for the beach homes outdoor shower. Created using the same glass / concrete process, we bordered this one with raised ceramic tile.  Sign Dimensions are  20" x 30". 

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Peaceful - Breezy Feelin

Beach Home name is a play off of the famous Eagles Song - Peaceful Easy Feeling. Our Customer brought us the name of his Beach Home and we found the perfect background from our "Background Library". We then added some foreground images from that library. For the matching address We used the same background and added "Sammy the Turtle" from our Address Sign Library. Also has a Heart in the sand with their initials. 

Border Tile Color is solid "Shell White". Sign Dimensions are 45.75" wide and 19.25" Tall.  Available in other sizes. 

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Turtle Cottage

Originally started with our standard Address library image - "Tipsey Turtle" as the primary design element. Customer wanted underwater background (not in library of backgrounds). Border Color is "House of Blues". Sign Dimensions are 15.75" x 39.75".  Additional Sizes are available. 

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Bad Buoy's Nauti Girl

Originally started with our standard Address library image (below). This sign uses a single border color - Shell White. Mermaid can be PG (with top or without). Sign Dimensions are  19.25" x 55.75". Additional Sizes and Border Colors are available. 

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Chaumiere Sur Mer

This customer sent us a picture of a ceramic cottage they purchased overseas. (Meaning in French is Cottage by the Sea). They selected a few foreground images. The  background  is a modified version of "Sunset Bay"  from our Background Library. Border Tile Color is "Ivy". This is a Iridized Tile (note the color changes with the sunlight). Sign Dimensions are 45.75" wide and 26" Tall.   

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 Side View of Glass & Tiles Mounted on Hardie Board and embedded in Cement. 

Nuts & Bolts

Here is another sign that tells a story. Our customer's last name is "Bolt" and their Beach Home's Name is "Nut's and Bolts". Notice the lightening Bolt on the right of the sign and the Coconuts in the boat. Grandma Bolt is on her chair drinking from her coconut cup while their three grandchildren are on the Palm Branch sipping on their open coconuts and laughing at the shore birds who can't get into  the Coconuts on the ground. We used the iridized "Opening Night Orange" border tiles on this sign that measures 19.25" high and 55.75" Wide. 

Same Background Image with a new Generic Name. We liked this one enough to create a display for our Art Shows. Display is same size and the border color tile used was Kiwi (Iridized).

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The SeaSters' House

This is the story of two Sisters who own a Beach House together. One recently died (mermaid on right). They used to sit and drink Margareta’s on the beach together. This sign was created as a memorial to their love. Uses mermaid images from our Address Library along with a few images from our Foreground Library.

Border Color is Opening Night Orange
This is a Iridized Tile (note the color changes with the sunlight). Font is "Kaushan Script". Sign Size is 15.75” wide and 15.75” High.

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Chrissy & Chris's Coastal Cottage 

We used our background Image Library and selected the "Pelican and Dolphin Retreat" background for this sign. The Sign dimensions are15.75" high and 39.75" Wide. We used the "Aruba" border color tile to frame it. Font used was the "Kaushan Script"  

Image of sign layed out with suggested border tiles. We send our customers this to allow for final design changes prior to fabrication.

Beau Soleil

Beau Soleil means "Beautiful Sunrise" in French. We began with our background "gentle waves" to create a new background that is now in our Library of Background images (titled after the name of this piece - "Beau Soleil") We used an actual sunset background and a Address Library image of a Palm tree (Anderson Palm) along with foreground images of shore birds to bring it all together.

This sign has only one border color - "Opening Night Orange". The Font Style used was "Viner Hand ITC Regular". A picture of the installed sign is below.

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After Dune Delight

One of our earlier creations that inspired the library background "Dune Delight".
This sign uses the Harrington Font. Customer selected four border color tiles - "Universal Yellow, House of Blues, Opening Night Orange and Broadway Blue". Also uses some images from our "Foreground Image Library" (below). 

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The Luv Shack

This sign started with the selection of one of our Address Library Images - " Mermaid Artist". Border Colors are "Rochester" and "Alpine". Background is from our Library of Backgrounds - "Mermaid Wishes" and the font is "Kaushin Script Regular". 


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